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Skyrim might not be a horror game, but that doesn't stop these terrifying enemies from transforming brief moments of gameplay into seriously scary experiences. Forget your dragon shouts - you're gonna be shouting for your mommy when you run into these ugly mugs. When spelunking in the caverns and chasms beneath Skyrim, the Dragonborn should be worrying about practical things: cave-ins and darkness and flash floods, not giant nightmare insects with a taste for blood. But that's not how the game works. If there's a cave, players can be assured that there is something creepy, crawly, and aggressive scuttling around in the dark. Chaurus get points for having fewer legs than frostbite spiders, but their massive, pinching mandibles make this creature anything but cute. Chaurus have been domesticated by the Falmer, the equally un-cute, twisted elf-like creatures that live in the lightless depths underground. The Chaurus hunt using their razor sharp pinchers and a caustic poison that they spray as they chitter and click. This can momentarily blind their opponents and the time that it takes them to blink away the acid can be crucial: these things are pretty fast. Not only that, but they like to stick together in packs to gang up on their enemies. Being splattered with poison from multiple enemies can spell a quick end for players without good poison resistance. Watch the video for more about The Most Terrifying Enemies In Skyrim. #Skyrim #ElderScrolls #RPG Chaurus | 0:13 Hagravens | 1:09 Lurker | 2:14 Seeker | 3:08 Dragon Priests | 4:01 Wispmother | 5:14 Dwarven centurions | 6:18 Forsworn Briarheart | 7:13 Vampires | 8:03 Frostbite spiders | 9:12 Frost trolls | 9:55
The Most Terrifying Enemies In SkyrimThe Most Terrifying Enemies In SkyrimThe Most Terrifying Enemies In SkyrimThe Most Terrifying Enemies In Skyrim
The Most Terrifying Enemies In Skyrim